Meet Dr. Joshua Calvert

Men’s Health Specialist in Nashville, TN

Education and Training

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Dr. Calvert earned his medical degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

He completed his internship and residency at Vanderbilt University where he received many distinguished awards and honors including the American Urological Association’s Men’s Health Travelling Fellowship through AUA.

Dr. Calvert received his Fellowship in Men’s Health/Infertility from the University of Utah. Dr. Calvert joins Urology Associates as both a general urologist and also an infertility specialist within the Nashville Men’s Health division.

Areas of Interest

Specific areas of interest for Dr. Calvert include vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, Peyronie’s disease, testosterone management, PSA management, genital pain disorders, varicocelectomy, and a special focus on male infertility.




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Contact Information

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