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Many couples struggle to conceive. Statistically, about 13-15% of all couples will have fertility problems. Infertility can be caused by either partner, or even by both of them. If the male partner is the source of these issues, then this is known as a case of male infertility. In fact, male fertility issues can be found in around 50% of couples who have trouble conceiving.

Male infertility does not mean that the man is unable to impregnate his female partner, it simply means that he has a decreased likelihood of doing so.

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What Causes Male Infertility?

Conception is a lengthy process that requires a lot of unique events to occur in perfect order at exactly the right time. This leaves room for lots of potential problems along the way.

What are Common Problems with Sperm?

Typically, if a man is having fertility issues it can be linked back to how healthy his sperm are. Examples of abnormalities in sperm include:

  • Sperm that is oddly shaped
  • Sperm that is produced in small quantities
  • Sperm that is unable to develop fully
  • Slow sperm, or sperm that does not travel in the correct direction
  • An inability to produce any sperm at all

What Can Cause Problems with Sperm?

There are several possible causes of abnormal or defective sperm. Some medications used to treat common illnesses like high blood pressure, depression, infections, arthritis, digestive diseases, or cancer can alter the sperm’s functionality.

Low hormone levels are another potential cause of male infertility. A lack of crucial male hormones can lead to low sperm count or poor sperm growth.

There have also been cases wherein the antibodies in a man’s body mistakenly attack the sperm. It is not clear as to what causes the antibodies to perceive the sperm as a threat, but immunological infertility is typically seen in those recovering from a surgery, injury, or type of infection.

Even with great sperm, some men can still experience problems in conceiving a child. Sometimes, this can be caused by a blockage in the reproductive tract.

Swollen veins that supply the testicles can also impact a man’s fertility. These dilated veins, called varicoceles, change the blood flow and affect the temperature of the testicles. This can damage or kill sperm as they are formed in the testicles.

Men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation are unable to get their sperm to the woman’s egg because instead of exiting through the urethra, the sperm is directed back into the man’s bladder. Retrograde ejaculation is caused by issues of the nervous system and is characterized by a “dry” ejaculation.

What are the Treatment Options for Male Infertility?

In order to evaluate and treat male fertility issues, our Providers will take a thorough history and perform a physical exam. A semen sample will be tested to evaluate sperm counts as well as the shape and movement of the sperm. A blood test will also be sent to check the levels of different hormones and chemicals that are specific to fertility management.

Based on the cause of male fertility issues, recommended treatments will vary. These include hormonal management, medications, antioxidant therapy, and, sometimes, surgical treatments.

Our providers work closely with female fertility specialists throughout the Nashville area and can help coordinate care.

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