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It is common for many men to feel self-conscious about their sexual performance and the chronic effects of erectile dysfunction. However, thanks to advancements in technology that have proven to be effective for decades, you don’t have to live with treatment options that don’t work or carry unwanted side effects. The urologists at Nashville Men’s Health are trained experts in penile implant surgery to make ED a thing of the past. The procedure is safe and effective, enabling you and your partner to resume sexual activity in as little as 4-6 weeks. If you experience ongoing erectile dysfunction with no end in sight, then we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Men’s Health Clinic in Nashville.

What is a penile implant?

The penile implant is the only true cure for erectile dysfunction. A penile implant is a device that is placed into a man’s body to help him get an erection. It is a permanent solution and allows men to have an erection anytime, free from worrying about pills or injections.

Is a penile implant right for me?

Reasons to consider a penile implant:

Satisfaction: 94% of men report satisfaction after a penile implant!  It is the only true cure for erectile dysfunction. This is much higher than satisfaction rates with other treatment options: 51% with pills and 41% with injections. In fact, the majority of men who have an implant placed wish they had done it sooner!
Discretion: The penile implant is completely contained in a man’s body, providing a discrete, private solution to ED. The implant is designed to look and feel like a natural erection during intercourse, and no one will know it is there unless you tell them!
Spontaneity: The implant allows men to have a firm erection anytime he desires and for as long as he wants. The implant also frees men from relying on oral medications or injections, and it works reliably every time.
Custom: Each implant is individually fit for each patient at the time of surgery. This custom fit offers our patients the most satisfying erections possible.
Recovery: Middle Tennessee men can return to work one week after surgery.  They can resume sexual activity 4-6 weeks after their procedure and start using the device!
Cost: The penile implant is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare!

What are the types of penile implants?

There are two main types of penile implants – inflatable implants and flexible or malleable implants.

Malleable/Flexible Penile Implants

A malleable penile implant is made of two flexible rods that are inserted inside the penis. These can be easily adjusted up and down without requiring a lot of manual dexterity or strength. Usually, this ED solution is recommended for men who would have trouble inflating/deflating an inflatable implant.

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Inflatable Penile Implants

The inflatable penile implant, or IPP,  is a self-contained, fluid filled system that is totally concealed inside the body and emulates the look and performance of a natural erection. The IPP is made of three parts: the cylinders, the pump, and the reservoir. The cylinders are made of soft, safe silicone and fit inside the erectile bodies of the penis. The pump is placed in the scrotum where it is easy to access and activate, and the reservoir sits discretely in the abdomen.



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How does the inflatable implant work?

Using the inflatable implant is as easy as squeezing the pump.  To get an erection, a man reaches down to his scrotum and squeezes the pump to move sterile salt water from the reservoir into the cylinders. He can squeeze the pump as many times as he desires to adjust the firmness of the erection. To release the erection, a small button is pushed in the top of the pump that allows the sterile salt water to flow back to the reservoir.

Penile Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Does the size of my penis change with the implant?

Each implant is custom fit for every patient, but it is not a penis enlargement device. Long standing erectile dysfunction can cause the penis to lose length and girth over time. At the consultation, we will discuss expectations and measure your penile stretch length, an estimate of what your erection length will be after surgery.

Does the implant change sensation or orgasm?

No! The penile implant does not change penile sensation or orgasm.  The only thing that changes after the implant is how you get an erection.

Will my penis look different?

The penile implant is completely hidden inside the body. No one will know you have one unless you tell them – even in the locker room.

What are the risks and side effects associated with the penile implant?

As with any surgical solution, penile implant placement has risks associated with the procedure, such as pain, infection, mechanical problems, and anesthesia reactions. All of these side effects will be discussed in depth during your personal consultation with one of our Nashville Men’s Health providers.

Can I still have natural, spontaneous erections after the implant?

When the penile implant is placed, the cylinders replace the spongy tissue inside the penis that is used for erections. That means that erections are only possible with the implant after the device is in place. However, erections with the implant are more reliable, firmer, and more spontaneous!

What is recovery like?

After the implant, men can typically return to work in a week. We recommend to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for the first 2-4 weeks after surgery. The majority of our patients can resume sexual activity and begin using the device 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Will my insurance cover the implant?

Most commercial insurance providers and Medicare cover the penile implant. Our Nashville office staff will consult with your individual insurance provider to explore coverage options at the time of your consultation. Payment plans are available for men without insurance or those who have significant copays.

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